The blood pressure chart is further down the page, as well as a blood pressure quiz, which may be completed before or after reading the article and viewing the blood pressure chart.There are always two pressures expressed in blood pressure ranges, the systolic and the diastolic pressure.

Our tweets about food may be more revealing than we think, suggests new research published Monday in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance.Of the top ten most popular food-related tweets, only one included something healthy — chicken — while only one mentioned a chain restaurant — Starbucks.

However, for those of us who live in a state where medical marijuana is legal with our "marijuana card," cannabis can be a better alternative to pharmaceuticals.The plant has chemicals, called cannabinoids, related to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), marijuana’s main mind-altering ingredient.

Football players spend hours working hard in the gym to prepare for domination on the gridiron.Making sure your body is getting the nutrients it need can help maintain your strength, muscle, and athletic ability, resulting in success on the field.

And we're here to help.“Most candies have a lot of sugar, so it's better to find sweets that are low in fat or fat-free.

It doesn't matter whether you're a Dota pro who commands million-dollar prizes or an average dude who just enjoys wrapping up a night with some casual Call of Duty, you're gonna want totally immersive sound that won't wake up the neighbors.Solution: A kickass pair of headphones, which will provide surround sound and a microphone to shout in—without also giving your landlord an excuse to call the police.

But it definitely pays to take advantage of autumn's seasonal fruits and vegetables, and go easy on the tailgating foods.When you buy foods that are in-season, they’re healthier, have richer flavor, and are generally more cost effective.

At the very end of this article I will offer my personal trick that has been 100% effective against cold sores.What is a cold sore and why do we get them anyway?

The first iteration of the Apple Watch offered athletes features like GPS tracking (via your phone), calorie burn tracking, and heart rate monitoring.Speaking of heart rate, a brand new study just compared the Apple Watch to three other wrist worn heart rate monitoring devices and it was deemed most effective (it tied with the Mio Fuse).

I’m not not a morning person but I do really like my bed and I don’t like leaving it much.Here are a few things I do to make sure every day start with a totally kick ass morning.

One word has the ability to change your life in an instant: cancer.Although those diagnosed with the disease can seek treatment and hope for remission, a cure remains elusive.

Kevin Harrington, who led the head and neck cancer trial, Nivolumab could be a real "game changer" for patients with advanced head and neck cancer, The BBC reported."Once it has relapsed or spread, head and neck cancer is extremely difficult to treat,” explained Harrington.

Even children with Asperger syndrome who may have an extensive vocabulary may have trouble with social communication.Another side effect of autism can be difficulty empathizing and seeing other points of view, according to Hanen.

The combined power of several tests may someday help doctors objectively diagnose concussions with ease, suggests new research published in PLOS-One.The platform, which comes equipped with specially made goggles, measures people’s eye movements in a variety of ways.

This also applies to most people who are covered beyond age 65 by insurance from the employer of their working spouse.So if you work for a smaller business or organization, you may be required to enroll in Part B at age 65.

Muchas veces busco inspiración para hacer recetas nuevas en libros, programas de televisión, otros blogs de internet, y, por supuesto, de importantes y reputados chefs.El otro día os enseñé una receta de Jamie Oliver (risotto de espárragos, limón y menta) y hoy no podía resistirme a enseñaros una receta del famoso Alberto Chicote: tataki de atún con ajoblanco.

According to the study, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are working to develop a pill that would prevent the accumulation of toxic molecules in the brain, which might be enough to prevent the disease.Although the exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not clear, scientists understand that the accumulation of “plaque” in the brain contributes to disease onset.

When wounds take longer to heal, according to the Google Science Fair, the patients are “susceptible to recurring infections and pain for unnecessarily long periods.”As a bonus to giving doctors a better look at wounds, Google says, the teen’s sensor design “is cheap to build and biocompatible,” meaning it is not harmful to living tissue.

They selectively edited both copies of the gene that gives rise to sickle cell disease in human hematopoietic stem cells — the earliest stage of what eventually becomes red blood cells — and transplanted them into mice.“And what we have right now is already — if we can scale it up and make sure it works well — good enough to form the basis of a clinical trial to cure sickle cell with gene editing.

An experimental gene therapy could use viruses to treat addicts struggling to avoid a relapse.The technology is called “designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs,” or DREADDs, and it seeks to use the designer drug to help suppress a person’s desire to use cocaine coming from “drug cues.